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workplace counseling, career theory, gender and power issues, social network analysis



Undergraduate Career Development and PlanningOrganizational BehaviorPersonnel Selection and AssessmentCommunity Psychology

Graduate (Master-level) Seminar in Employment Counseling

Graduate (evening Master-level)Seminar in Employment Counseling



Undergraduate Principles and Practices of GuidanceCommunity PsychologyHuman Resource Management

Graduate (Master-level) Research on Organizational Psychology

Graduate (evening Master-level) Research on Organizational Psychology



Undergraduate Personnel Selection and AssessmentResearch Methods in EducationCareer Development and Planning

Graduate (Master-level) Seminar in Community Psychology

Graduate (evening Master-level) Seminar in Community Psychology



UndergraduateHuman Resource ManagementResearch Methods in EducationPrinciples and Practices of Guidance

EduLearning area/subject-specific practicum



Undergraduate Personnel Selection and AssessmentCareer Development and PlanningGender Education and Guidance

Graduate (Master-level) Research Methods in EducationSeminar in Employment Counseling

Graduate (evening Master-level)Research Methods in Education  

EduPrinciples and Practices of GuidanceLearning area/subject -specific teaching material and method



Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, University of London



Wu, M. * Yang, Y. & Liou, W. (2008). The development of reasoning skills assessment for students in vocational programs at the higher education level. Journal of Science and Technology, 17 (2), 169-83.


Yang, P. * & Sheu, T. An effective use of social network analysis for the study of Taiwanese employees’ mental health at work. The use of mapping software and systems in health and academic research, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK, 4th November 2009.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. An HRM perspective on empowering employees to cope with the challenges of globalization: the elements of informal career support at work. Globalization, Challenges for Managers, and Calls for Leadership. Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan, 12-13th June, 2009.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. A career education perspective on how to strengthen the role of international education in developing globally employable world citizens: the improvement of students networking skills. Going Global 3, The British Council, London, UK, 3-5th December 2008. NSC 97-2914-I-274-001-A1

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. A study of the differences between male and female employees’ constructs for the quality of informal career support relationships. 2nd Conference on Individual Constructs in Management and Organizational Research, University of Leipzig, Germany, 14-15th November 2008.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. Do women experience a greater amount of informal support at work than men? a study of gender, power and health in Taiwan. Gender, Health and Medicine, University of Exeter, UK, 5-6th July 2008.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. Women's networking at work: bonding and bridging strategies for informal career support. Women and Ambition in the Workplace, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 27-29th March 2008.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. Friendship within the context of informal career support at work: a qualitative study with implications for contemporary careers. Friends and Foes: Friendship and Conflict, Belfast, UK, 16-17th November 2007.

Yang, P. * & Kidd, J.M. Networking at work: a preliminary study with implications for male workers’ mental health. 5th Biennial World Congress on Men's Health & Gender (WCMH), Vienna, Austria, 21-23rd September 2007.

Kidd, J.M. * & Yang, P. Careers as emotional experiences: a cross-cultural study. Symposium on The Globalization of Counseling Psychology, Division of Counseling Psychology, 26th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Athens, Greece, July 16-21st, 2006.

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Yang, P. * & Kidd, J. M. (2009). Elements of supportive friendship at work: a study of the relationship quality of informal career support. In B. Renzi, G. Watson, E. Viggiani, & M. Collins (Eds.), Friends and Foes II: Social and Political Perspectives, pp. 77-90. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  (Isbn13: 978-1-4438-0333-5, Isbn: 1-4438-0333-2)


Director of Counseling Center,

Working for Chinese Mental Health Association, UK